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We started business in 1979, in modest conditions, but from the very beginning with clear vision of our company in the future and with great plans. In the beginning there was just one machine for screenprinting and a lot of manufacturing in the production process. We have treated every customer in the same way, because it was very important to us to make business with everyone who wants to work with us. During that period we were able to print on all materials (plastics, paper, leather, metal, wood...), with one motto - satisfied customer is the best customer.  

Producing facilities - from outside

Earned money was invested in development of our business, new equipment, young and ambitious people, more facilities, materials and soon, we have reached the top of our textile industry with modern and sport clothes ten color printing, as well as socks, and all that with fully automated printing equipment.

Textile printing [click to enlarge]

However, that's not all. We were not satisfied with our results, even they are noticed by our satisfied costumers with new requests.  

Beside our customers our results bring us fairs and annual awards. We gained many awards - 1st May award of Economic chamber of Vojvodina, Zrenjanin city liberation award and "Businessman of the year" award by the local small business association for 1993. Besides that, we gained many awards on Novi Sad and Belgrade fair (golden and silver hind, etc.).

Producing facilities - SPEED-O-MAT

Even in a difficult ten years period in our country we didn't stop. We worked hard on acquiring new technologies and on our equipment maintain. We managed to keep the position in our country and to expand our business across the border.

Today we are ready to accept new economic conditions, having attractive programs, trained personal, infrastructure and most of all - experience.





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