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Because of our few decades business experience we select very carefully our equipment, employees, material etc. Knowing that, it's not surprise that we today can serve any domestic or foreign screenprinting order. Our services is based on::

- business facilities on 1000 m2 area (workshop with design studio, photo laboratory, copy machine, warehouse, office rooms...

- automatic line for screenprinting - SPEED-O-MAT, manufacturer Argon, Italy (sheet print up to B1). The line ability is 2500 marks/hour. In the line is also DUAL-UV dry machine, which allow color and varnish drying in split second.

- automatic line for screen-printing (10 colors/transition), manufacturer Siasprint Group, Italy. With the INFRA JET dry machine for final motive latching. The line capacity is 700 marks per hour.

- half-automatic screen-printing line (6 colors/transition), MULTIPLA D model, with interphase drying and dry latching machine JET DRYER

- thermo press MONT ANTONIO, Italy (for thermo picture transfer on polyester cloth)

- 20 employees, which can answer to any customers demand. 



Foundation of our production department was gradual. First was installed six colors printing machine (type MULTIPLA-D 60 x 90) and dry latching machine - JET DRYER. Later, more effective machine for printing with interphase drying and INFRA JET dry final latching machine (manufacturer SIASPRINT, Italy).  

The last one, allows multicolor printing up to 10 colors per transition. Printing capacity - 700 marks per hour. There is a possibility of cut pieces printing and t-shirt, sport dress printing, etc.


Dragic company facilites

Production program expansion was in 1996, when we have purchased the newest ARGON's machine for screen-printing (SPEED-O-MAT). The machine prints on self-stringy PVC foil, cardboard and paper up to size B1. SPEED-O-MAT has sensor control, automatic laying and extraction. The machine capacity is up to 2500 marks per hour, and permit precise full color printing. This machine is specific because has possibility of printing with UV colors and UV varnisjing, due to DUAL-UV dry module. UV color or UV varnishing sediment gives deepness and "third dimension" to material. Partial UV varnishing is extremely effective when you want point up some part of motive on printing material. 

Partial UV paper and cardboard vrnishing  
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Combination of offset printing with partial UV varnishing is mainly new feature in our country, but in last years many designers use this technology trying to get high quality and spectacular design of brochures, prospects, calendars, diplomas, posters, boxes, packages... Using high shining UV varnish you can reach materials with high degree of water, atmosphere influence and abrasion resistant.

To encircle the producing process (printing on thermo pictures for sport dresses and ornamental ceramics), we have provided thermo compress MONT ANTONIO. So, today we can print on sport polyester and polyamide dresses with pretty effects of color motive from stitch to stitch.

Having the most modern equipment Printing house "Dragic" is ready to please to any customer, no matter what high quality or large quantity is customers demand.






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