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Our basic activity is screenprinting on various materials: 

- sheet printing in screen technique on PVC foil, cardboard, paper, leather, etc (up to size B1) 

- partial UV varnishing of printed material (calendars, catalogs, packages, etc.)

- textile printing (10 color per transition)

- screen printing on demand

In recent time we have growing requests for printing in recently acquired technology

- art decoration printing on china, ceramics and glass

Our company is equiped with modern machines and we have highly skilled employees. We have three multicolor screenprinting lines. During the production process we use ecological colors and other material produced by well know world manufacturers. Our services are printing on textile, lether, plastics, metal, wood, etc.

Partial UV varnishing on paper packages [click to enlarge]

As a part of our production program we have printing on T-shirts, shirts, socks, and many other cotton materials with direct printing with ten colors for flat and expandex printing...

Textile printing [click to enlarge]

with waterproofed fluorescent and metallic colors. In the past we worked together with well known former Yugoslavian textile companies like: ADIDAS, CECEBA, HASANA, SLOVENIJAŠPORT and others.

"Dragic" have very extensive cooperation with other companies like: PLANTEKS, SLOGA, UDARNIK, SPORTSTAR, BEKO and many others. Also we very early adopted technology for women socks multicolor printing, among the first similar companies in the world.

Ceremics and glass printing  [click to enlarge]

The next stage in development is decorative ceramics, glass and china printing. With modern printing technology and traditional decoration techniques we make product with special art dimension. Besides, as a specific part of our production we have FLUORESCENTIC SLEEVS, TIES, EMBLEMS, and LABELS etc.

Fluorescentic vests





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